our story

We are a small team with tons of experience. Our story begins in 2009, when we were working as freelancers. In 2013 we decided to start our own brand - Gorilla King. We combine our design and programming skills, as well as marketing knowledge, to create outstanding projects. We focus on transparent communication and individual treatment. We are group of professionals, we are Gorilla King.

honors and awards


created with passion

Piotr Słodyczko
co-founder / art director
Kuba Gryglak
co-founder / project manager / lead programmer
Andrzej Kluczny
Senior PHP Developer
Paweł Miatkowski
Senior Front-End Developer
Łukasz Ogiński
PHP Developer
Przemek Jaworski
PHP developer
Borys Łokić
front-end developer
Paweł Gryglak
Junior graphic designer

selected clients

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